Jaunte FAQs


Can I use this theme on any website?

Yes. Go for it.

I like this theme, can I give you some money?

No. But thanks for the offer.

What warranties does my theme come with?

None, I’m afraid. However, if you find any bugs while using the theme we’ll endeavor to push a bug fix as soon as possible.

Theme Setup

How do I install my theme?

Within WordPress navigate to the Themes page by clicking on the ‘Appearance’ menu. Then click the ‘Add New’ button followed by the ‘Upload Theme’ button. From here you just need to select the new theme you’ve downloaded and hit ‘Install Now’.

How do I customize my theme?

100% of theme customization is done through the WordPress Customizer. See the Theme specific page for info on customizing each theme.

How do I add the main menu?

To add the main menu simply create a menu or select an existing menu under ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Menus’. Then under ‘Menu Settings’ click the check box that says ‘Primary Navigation’, now that menu will be displayed as the main menu.

How do I add a gallery with lightbox (i.e popup)?

Simply create a normal WordPress gallery and set the ‘Link To’ option under ‘Gallery Settings’ to ‘Media File’. That’s it.

How do I add an image with lightbox (i.e popup)?

Using the ‘Add Media’ button insert an image that links to the ‘Media File’. Finally hover over the inserted image and click the ‘Edit’ icon, then under ‘Advanced Options’ add a class of ‘popup’ to the field ‘Link CSS Class’.