Theme Version: 1.0.0 Minimum Wordpress Version: 4.1.0 Minimum PHP Version: 5.4.0

Limage is a super clean split pane blog theme. Well, we say ‘Blog’ theme but this is WordPress you can use it for anything at all. It features a snazzy horizontal split screen design (on larger screen) and some nifty background patterns thanks to trianglify.

Limage Features

Generated Patterns


Meta Boxes

Customizing Minim with the WordPress Customizer and Custom Fields

Customizer - Home Page

The Home Page section lets you set up the header section for the home page of your site, this is useful when your home page is displaying the latest blog posts.

Customizer - Visuals

The Visual section lets you upload a logo (favicon and app icon in pre WordPress 4.3) as well as select the default text, link and background colors.

Customizer - Content

The Content section of the customizer allows you add all of you social links. As well as add custom CSS and JavaScript.

Meta Box - Page Header

The Header Section Meta Box allows you to setup the sites header section on a per page/post basis.